Chairman Message

Eng. Tarek Othman Alkasabi

Goodness is only from God, and success is only with his permission and upon god dependence.

inline with kingdom Vision 2030, and with the expansion of the circle of social and investment Activities all over the kingdom, the need to support from the private sector becomes a necessity, especially in the service sector, which has emerged to provide support services for this massive civil and population growth.

With God blessing, the choice we took was to establish Rzm investment, and we started providing services in the healthcare, education , the information technology sector, and investing in venture capital.

And we worked hard to be a leading national company in the service and investment sector, relying on the principle of serving people.

The challenge was – and still is – how to present the global professional methods approved by the scientific curricula, without losing the authenticity of our heritage and what our true religion urges us to do.

With the help of God, we have presented the great ideals preached by Islam, education for our children, patient care and medicine for a better life, and facilitating and accelerating the access to technology.

Rzm participates in companies that employ a staff of more than 10,000 employees and jobs for our Saudi youth, and in the most generous and beneficial sectors for people. Your trust today, as it was yesterday, is one of the reasons for our success and continuity, and the expansion of our business volume today is only evidence of our society’s love for good and its provision.

We proceeded from the saying of our prophet Mohamed, peace and blessings be upon him: “The best of people are those who are most beneficial to people.”


God grants success..

Tarek Othman Alkasabi